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Sometimes we're too busy to date, so why not get straight to the point and become someone's.

Sex Parties

Many people, especially those who are thinking of going to a swinger's club or sex club for the first time are often a little nervous, with various expectations. It's easy to think that going to sex parties is out of their reach, or something they can only fantasise about, but going to sex parties for full swaps or ffm is more common than you may think. I wouldn't really have called myself a swinger, but I was single man looking for something more. A friend of mine mentioned he had been to sex parties in the past with his wife, and that I should go alone with him and his wife to the next one. We had a laugh about, I mean, it's not every day your friend says, come to a sex party with my me and my wife. Anyway, I went. I didn't know what to expect, it was a sex club for local swingers, everyone was friendly. We had a few drinks, there we're around 18 or 19 people at the club. All types of people from all walks of life go to sex parties, but no questions are asked. You'll see single men and women, married couples and couples. I not a forward type of guy, so I was lurking in the background watching some people get it on, until a woman came over and asked if I wanted to go somewhere private with her. Well, as they say… the rest is history. I'm now one of the local swingers in my area who attends sex parties regularly - though you wouldn't think it!

UK Swingers

You won't know if your neighbour is a local swinger. You may not even know if regular swinging party's take place in your street. You won't know if you are missing out. UK Swingers are often said to be the most discrete, but don't mistake that to be UK Swingers are in short demand. Swinging in the UK is massive. Social Sex Parties, as they are starting to be referred to happen all over the place. We've just made it even easier for you to meet people and find other UK Swingers using our site.

Why are there so many UK Swingers? Its hard to say, but I like to think its because we are a nation of horny people.

Swinging - The Rules.

There are some rules to follow when swinging. Some are obvious, some are not. Don't go to Social Sex Parties with a group of friends - You don't need a wing man. Don't tell anyone that you are going swinging, keep things private. You may recognise someone; a friend, someone you have seen in the press, or even a celeb, don't mention that you have seen them before, and don't tell anyone.

Always protect yourself and others - You don't know who you are shagging. Don't assume all woman will want a no-holes barred session, sometimes.

If you don't want to do something, don't do it.

You will occasionally find some swinging sessions will require you to wear eye masks to keep everyone's identity private. Sometimes rules will be told to you on entry to a swinging party - follow them. But most importantly, have a good time swinging!